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separation containre system with controls and decanter

Container Systems

Custom Contained Processing systems

Allied Industrial Dynamics Container Systems offer easy transportation, setup and tear down of operations while also creating a low profile, helping create a discrete and clean looking worksite. These systems can be custom tailored to fit a variety of different industries with an unlimited list of different applications. All Container Systems are fit with Allied Industrial Dynamics decanters and separators and are controlled with custom Allied Automated Control System.

rendering of decanter processing systems container
Discrete Low Profile Worksite
Mobile & Module
No Infrastructure Required
Custom Fit to Your Application
Allied Automated Control Systems 
Custom Fit Per Application

Container Systems are custom designed per application requirement. Fit with any Allied Industrial Dynamics equipment from decanters to separators and more, no matter what industry you are operating in your processing will be custom fit with equipment that will achieve maximum results

Easy Handling of Material

All container systems offer easy setup and tear down. With modular discharge augers and feed zones. Easy connections for input feeds and pumps. Multiple options available to house polymer mixing tanks and slurry preparation tanks. Making the process of input to end products and streams efficient and effective.

inside container processing system with mixing tanbk and decanter centrifuge
Processing Mobility

Whether your operation is moving from location to location, or needs to be manipulated and moved on site, Container Systems are easy to set up and tear down and can be safely moved or relocated.

Infrastructure Solution

Not all worksites have available infrastructure to house complex separation processing systems. Container systems are a cost effective solution when implementing a processing system without any available infrastructure. Container Systems allow growing operations the ability to expand easily and accommodate the demand of business group. Climate controls are available to keep equipment and work areas at optimal temperatures.

container processing system loaded on truck for transportation
decanter centrifuge container system
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