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G Series


Investing into decanter centrifuges can be a costly venture. While with proper scheduled maintenance these machines can run effectively for a long time, certain components like the rotating assembly and see a significant amount of ware.


The AX Series Xchangable rotating assemblies are a cost-effective solution for businesses operating decanter centrifuges to add spare rotating assemblies to their fleet or replace rotating assemblies in their existing fleets.


AX Series Xchangable Rotating Assemblies are manufactured in house at Allied’s Facility and are design to integrating seamlessly with any make or model of decanter centrifuge.


AX Series Xchangable Rotating Assemblies are a cost-effective way to reduce down times, decrease lead times from OEM’s and allow business to develop and grown their separation equipment fleet with Quality North American Manufactured Products.

Heavy Abrasive Solids Processing

Ultra-Fine Particle Separation

High Capacity Solids Removal

High Quality Wear Technology

Increase Processing Times & Reduce Repair Costs

Manufactured in North America

  • Waste Fluid Treatment

  • Bio Fuel 

  • Sump & Tank Cleaning

  • Lagoon De-sludging

  • Hydrovac Waste Facilities

  • Tailings Recovery

  • Chemical Manufacturing

  • Drilling Fluids Management

  • Phosphorus Recovery

  • Crude Processing

  • Bentonite & Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing

  • Bio-ethanol Manufacturing

  • Dio-diesel Manufacturing

  • Alfa Laval Lynx 

  • Sharples

  • Westfalia

  • Flottweg

  • Tecumseh

  • Hutchens-Hays

drilling for oil

Common Decanters

Find Rotating Assemblies

Municipal & Industrial Water Treatment & Recovery

Sanitary & Food Grade Processing

Botanical Extract Processing

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