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Sustainable Solutions in Separation Processing Operations 

  • Oil & Gas

  • Mining & Minerals

  • Bio Fuel 

  • Chemical Processing & Manufacturing 

  • Municipal Water & Waste Water

  • Animal By-Product Rendering

  • Pulp & Paper

  • Food & Beverage Manufacturing

  • Site Remediation

  • De-watering

  • Solids Control

  • Drilling Fluids Management 

  • Bitumen Processing 

  • Ultra Fine Tailings Removal 

  • Waste Fluid Treatment

  • Trailing Recovery

  • Sump & Tank Cleaning

  • Hydrovac Facilities

  • Vegetable Oils

  • Cannabis Oil Extraction

  • De-Sludging

  • Algae Harvesting

  • Avacado Oil Extraction

  • Beer Production

  • Paint Sludge De-watering

  • Palm Oil Extraction

  • Biodiesel Manufacturing

  • Bioethanol Manufacturing

  • Bentonite & Titanium Dioxide Manufacturing

  • Cassava Starch Processing

  • Casein Manufacturing

  • Crude Processing

  • Fermentation Broths

  • Fish Processing

  • Food Residue Processing

  • Instant Coffee Production

  • Juice Manufacturing

  • Lactose Manufacturing

  • Phosphorus Recovery

  • Limed Fleshing 

  • Lupin Protein Extraction

  • Kaolin Clay & Calcium Carbonate Processing

  • Manure Processing 

  • Mining 

  • Tunneling

  • Micro Tunneling

  • Maize Starch Production

  • Oil & Gas Exploration

  • Oil Refineries

  • Lubricating Oil Stream Recycling

  • Oil Sludge Treatment

  • Olive Oil Extraction

tunnelling and mining industry
edible oils
water treatment industry

Industries & Applications

Supported By Allied

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dairy industry

Who We Are

Allied Industrial Dynamics is a processing solutions company supporting businesses operating throughout an endless list of industries and applications. Providing high quality processing equipment and control systems backed with process and engineering support, repair, and parts services and much more.

Supporting businesses with fit for purpose solutions that will maximize the quality and yield of their products and services, reduce waste and disposal costs while reclaiming and protecting sensitive natural resources. Supporting businesses with sustainable processing solutions can produce a sustainable future for our industries, communities, and the environment.

Our History

Allied Machining & Centrifuge LTD was founded in 1964 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada as a small machine shop specializing in the repair and servicing of decanter centrifuges. With decades of experience in the industry, Allied expanded its services to engineer and design their own line of decanter centrifuges.


In 2015, the company rebranded to Allied Centrifuge Technologies and broadened its services to include the manufacturing and servicing of centrifuges and processing equipment for all industries. This expansion allows Allied to support any application requiring slurry processing.

In line with its commitment to providing full-package services, Allied started manufacturing its own automated control systems in-house in 2021. These user-friendly control systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured by Allied to ensure seamless integration with their centrifuge equipment.

As of 2023, Allied has rebranded again to Allied Industrial Dynamics, adding support for clients with rotating equipment and mechanical seal products and services. This latest addition to the company's suite of services ensures that clients have a comprehensive range of solutions for their industrial processing needs and Allied Industrial Dynamics to be your on stop shop for Processing systems. 

G7 decanter centrifuge

Centrifuge Technologies

Products & Services

control panel allied centrifuge technologies

Automated Control Systems

contained processing system Allied

Container Systems


Rotating Equipment Solutions

Service & Solutions

Engineering & Testing

processing testing

Maintenance Services

centrifuge repair
technician working on centrifuge auger
centrifuge technician working

Find a rewarding career with a room for growth. Share your passion with a team of highly skilled and creative individuals. 


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